Greyhound Men (White/Black)


 Original Price : $160.00

ID : SAL12890790701
PRODUCT NAME : Greyhound Men
COLOR : White/Black
SPORTS : Running
CATEGORY : Running Shoes
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Product Description

Developed especially for long runs on hard surfaces to keep you going mile after mile. The outsole is designed to withstand the wear and tear that long runs entail with a material that is 25% more durable. The Vibram outsole also has very good grip on asphalt and concrete even under wet conditions. Less is more - an advanced simplicity entirely in Salmings no nonsense spirit, both in terms of expression and performance. The upper is made of a 3-layer construction that gives you a nice enclosing fit. The tongue has a bootie tounge construction which allows it to embrace the foot and maintain its position throughout the run.