Salming Store Tokyo

Welcome to Salming Store Tokyo !!

In Salming Store Tokyo, you can see all models of Salming indoor shoes, running shoes, Floorball sticks, Squash rackets (reparing string), Orienteering items, Padel shoes, and so on.

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Salming Store Tokyo

Ukima 2-24-7 2F
Kitaku, Tokyo
115-0051, Japan

Three minutes walk from Ukima Funado station (JR Saikyo Line)

★Salming Store Tokyo Open hours: PM12:00~PM18:00
Closed on Mondays and Thursdays (Except Holidays)


Three minutes walk from Ukima Funado station, JR Saikyo Line.
Upstairs of motorcycle shop, with KAWASAKI sign.

1.There is Mcdonalds on left side, Family Mart on right side, in front of Ukima Funado station.
Please go diagonally forward right direction, you can find Mos Burger.

2.After turning right, you can find Seven Eleven about 100 meters ahead.

3.There is chinese restaurant on right side,about 70 meters ahead. You can find us on left side.